quarta-feira, 15 de janeiro de 2014

Casas de vidro| Glass Houses

O.K. This will definitely work. By Berglund Architects, LLC.  I 'think' the previous 2 pictures from Bèrglund Archtects are interior views of this home showing the divided, yet open living space.
casas de vidro

Cliff-Top Ocean Home, Big Sur, Califorina

Trunk House in Australia

Great spaces:)

Tucked in the trees in Lake Tahoe

More like dream cabin in the woods

65’ by 14’ tower forest house made of stone, wood and glass, and a copper roof, the house is in tune with nature. Architecture and interior design by Nancy Copley who was the designer and owner of this house.

Cabin with windows recycled from a Toronto skyscraper


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